Lumber Co., Inc.

The majority of our sawmill equipment was purchased new in 1998 and is contained

in 2 metal fabricated buildings, one is 150' x 180' x 24' & the other is 240’ x 40’ x 30’.

Equipment is comprised of a cambio ring debarker followed by the two primary log breakdown systems of a computerized carriage head rig and a state of the art optimized extended length infeed quad band primary breakdown which was installed in 2009.. The new primary line allows for auto rotation, optimized skewing and slewing, as well as thinner kerf saws. All of this contributes to increased efficiency in raw material consumption. Cants are then transferred to a Ukiah

10" x 54" thin kerf guided gang. Reman boards are transferred to a Hi-Tech optimized edger system.

Lumber then passes through a Hi-Tech optimized trimmer system prior to being segregated in a 50

bin sorter. As each bin is filled, the packs are then transferred to a Hi-Tech stacker to be stacked with strips for kiln drying or stacked solid for direct shipment.

All of our band saw and knife work is done in house in our saw shop which was opened in 2010.

In 2012 we installed a new Acrowood chipper and screen along with numerous conveyors and belts to handle the increase in byproducts coming out of the mill.  This project has set us up to logistically handle the future growth of our company for many years to come.

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