Lumber Co., Inc.

Due to a fire, our planer mill facility was completely reconstructed in 2006.

All equipment is housed in a 125’ x 300’ x 30’ metal fabricated building.

Rough sawn, kiln dried lumber is broken down on a high speed ASM tilt hoist. The lumber then passes across a Wagner inline Apex moisture monitoring system which insures that the lumber has the proper amount of moisture our customers expect. The lumber is fed through our Newman Machine planer line. The feed table, bridge, and planer are all electronically driven and can achieve speeds of up to 2,000 linear feet per minute. The Newman Machine 990 planer is a 20 knife planer that produces an excellent finish and high quality shavings. Our SPIB certified graders then grade the lumber with florescent crayons. These marks are interpreted by a Lucidyne grade mark reader. The USNR trimmer with one foot saw spacing delivers trimmed and grade marked lumber to the 30 bin sorter. The lumber is then packed on a high speed USNR package maker. The packages are squeezed and strapped by a fully automated Signode banding station. The mill is centrally controlled by one PLC supplied by USNR.

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